Your Smile, your Light

Monday, December 31

Common, Rashid, Mr. Lynn (what I call you amongst friends;),

Your smile is so infectious and heartwarming, but we don't get a chance to see that in your roles!!!! You do an awesome job in Hell on Wheels, love you in movies (can't wait to see LUV), and you're an awesome performer. But that smile is what the world needs...When your smile opens up, a calm is introduced. The elevation of your cheeks meet your boyish eyes and then the world just seems to be a different place. When I am done writing these two screenplays, I am going to write a role for you that corresponds with your music that really makes us all smile and feel good...because you are going to smile.

I understand that you are a hip-hop artist, seeking to exalt God's people. But when I look at the many friends that I have who are in the game, they don't smile too much. They tell me that it comes with the territory so that people don't think that they are soft. When I look at our young men on the corners and the ones that I approach on the street (I am not afraid to get into their business to spread God's love), they are so angry, hard, and apathetic. They have noted that if their teeth are shown, then they are weak. I think that this mindset is so wrong. There is so much strength in smiling.

Smiling is part of our human nature. It is our innate response to the joy, love, and spirit that lives within us. I know that you smile in pictures and it is awesome. I am quite certain that you smile in person because I cannot see you in any other way. However, we just don't want to see your talent to be confined to particular roles. I love Method Man, Ice T, and Ice Cube but they tend to play some angry characters. Our Black men and boys don't need any more examples to teach them to be angry; society does a wonderful job at that. What our brothers need to see is the manifestation of God's light, the fruit of His Spirit, and the joy of just being alive. Amen?
Audris, Selah

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  1. OMi avatar OMi

    Re: Your Smile, your Light

    Wednesday, March 6

    I love this :) Amen

  2. Re: Your Smile, your Light

    Monday, March 11

    May be that what I see in you, not quite sure. Is it your smile or your eyes. But I see somthing in you. That sets you apart from the rest. My be it's a calling on your spirit that I see. The best of this world to you Common.