Hi, I'm Wade...

Monday, October 1

...and I work for ground(ctrl). I'll be helping out around here for those who might have questions regarding the site! Please do not hesitate to contact me (the best way is via message) and I'll get back to you!

Hope everyone is enjoying the site, and again, I'm here to help!


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  1. RE: Hi, I'm Wade...

    Monday, November 26

    Thank you Wade, good to meet you, I am Khadija.

  2. Re: Hi, I'm Wade...

    Wednesday, March 6

    Hello Wade. I'm Lady Di, long time DMV (more M) supporter of Common's. Thanks for being a part of the greatness Sir!!
    Live, Love, Learn, Laugh and Compute

  3. OMi avatar OMi

    Re: Hi, I'm Wade...

    Wednesday, March 6

    Hi Wade I'm Naomi. Glad to know you are here to help us out. Thank you.

  4. Re: Hi, I'm Wade...

    Wednesday, March 6

    nice web creation/sensation here wade; very nice.
    La hunter DAWN

  5. Re: Hi, I'm Wade...

    Thursday, March 7

    Hi Wade.... I'm Gigi... Nice to meet you!
    Gigi B