Common Love for All

Sunday, February 10

I reside in Southern California, born and brought up here. I majored in Psychology because I found it hard to understand the mentality of others, yet I'm still dwelling in that abyss. I love those that have clear minds that allow unclouded thinking (common, Brandon Boyd, Lupe, etc). I use logic to dismantle social constructs that build illogical social societies (such as: why is it ok for cowboys to wear pants tight enough to see their crotch, yet I cant wear my pants low, because you might see my underpants). It's rare to meet people who think in the now, not the tomorrow.Based on all the great music I hear I would like to visit Chicago.

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  1. Re: Common Love for All

    Thursday, February 14

    Chicago is THE best city ever!!!!!!
    Audris, Selah