Music is the Water for Life

Thursday, January 10

All music is the water for life it up lifts us all comes in so many favors is sung by
all of mankind marks the changes in our life and shapes our consciousness highlights an unjustice. Favorite jams by Common are as follows: BE, The Light, The Corner, Come Closer/ Closer Remix, Universal Mind Control, and For the People. Thats just to name a few. Here a few by other artists: The Master Has Come Back & Into Deep by Jr. Gong aka Damien Marley Beautful with Snoop Dog and Farrell Black Brother by Angie Stone aka B Angie B, PE's Fight the Power, Most of My Heros Still Do Not Appear on a Stamp,Shut Em Down,Night of the Living Base Heads,Can't Trust This,Lakim Shabazz's Pure Righteousness, The Lost Tribe of Shabazz and Black is Back, Not to forget the GOD Rakim Microphone Fiend.
Good Music is like gem hard to find but worth digging for.

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