To You, You, and You Too (Part I and II)

Friday, December 28

Part I
If I dished back an ounce of the ish
that's been handed down to me,
this world would be an f-ed up place.
Filled with bitter and pain and grief and sorrow
Just a mass of utter disgrace
But the God in me always rises
and with Him I will always stand
I can love all my enemies
And be the best that I can be
So don’t come offering me your shifty hand
Pretending to love me, as if you’re my friend
My eyes see deeper than I allow you to know
I see all that you’re made of
Yeah, my Lord told me so
You don’t like how I’m living
Then speak to my God
from Whom my life is given
Ha, I take the path that only few can handle
I bear the hurt and the shame
The lies and childish games
The anguish, the fear, and being called out my name
But it’s okay though. You see, God got this!
And He got me too! And believe it or not,
He got your evil heart too.
So bring on your storm, the wind and the hail
And watch in how every drop that falls
I will remain Audris
Because God always prevails.

Part II
My mind is spending time in the Potter's House and I'm
pressing through the debris and the stones
That you had no position to throw. An'
Gonna gather up the mess and build
me a fortress from the lies and this stress. Bless
Bless those who have cursed me
Lord do as You should
I know this pain that I'm bearing
Is only working for my good. Selah


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