I'm Thinking

Wednesday, January 30

The fountain of youth is where our minds lay.
Though the time we have to live,
Begins with what we say.

You're the hero of your dreams.
One whisper is a shock to Electrify the world.
A "spark" to ignite a nation from silent frozen lands.
Into the torch that burns in miss Libertys hands.
Speak now together and we will shine, though we are not fine.
Not in the slightest.
We shine our brightest in hope of words to be shed.
When in fact, its yours to be said.

One Man made me a believer.
A believer that I too am a dreamer.
It's these dreams that push me to say
We are NEVER free!
Not until our dreams are filled!
I'll never stop speaking!
I'll never stop believing!

Not even when my dreams are killed.

I'm thinking.

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