NEW MUSIC! 'Open Letter Part II' Jay-Z Feat. COMMON

Monday, Apr 15 by User 6 Comments

Check out the new music from Jay-Z feat COMMON (a J.Period exclusive) "Open Letter Part II" 

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  1. RAW T avatar

    posted Friday, December 13


  2. Amelia avatar

    posted Saturday, April 20

    Lol, y'all gonna learn today, love Common verse

  3. Khan Sifile avatar

    posted Tuesday, April 16

    You boys r looking relly mean...and sound pissed off..Great!

  4. Urbwoman avatar

    posted Monday, April 15

    Wow! Loved it! Amazing! Freedom of speech at its finest. I've already listened twice, going to have to listen again!

  5. Titty56 avatar

    posted Monday, April 15

    Ya'll gonn learn today! Common

  6. I AM Dokk Savage Music avatar

    posted Monday, April 15

    DAMN, A Powerful Classic seriously....NAS gotta be next NASJAY.COM