The Black Woman Conundrum

Posted March 10, 2013 By: 5footfarrago

Never have I met a creature so unwanted, so undesirable, so despised and dejected
So eager to please, so hard to please, so neglected and unprotected
So angry, so sad, so loud and aggressive
So strong, so weak, so cowardly, so protective
So soft, so hard, so broken, so bare
Always present but never there
Overlooked, looked under and simply looked through
Black woman just not good enough for you
So confusing, so misunderstood
So smart, so dumb
This... is the Black Woman Conundrum
-a self reflection

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  1. Titty56 avatar

    posted Monday, March 18

    I so enjoy reading your blogs. Be blessed in all you do let the spirit of God that abides in you guide you.

  2. Titty56 avatar

    posted Monday, March 18

    Smile "Self criticism is good for the spirit of a men, but man should find no condemnation in Jesus Chist" Joyce Witherspoon

  3. Titty56 avatar

    posted Monday, March 18

    Maybe my own reflection of my self has never been how other meaning the people or the world see me.. only how I want God to see me. Never looking for approval of men when what I need can only come from God. We have to many man made label that have nothing to do with who we really are. Does the label make you or you give subtance to those label attach to you. At the end of the day I can or cannot be what you say. But surely much more than what you see. It not what you see in the flesh but God see in my heart that matter to me.

  4. 5footfarrago avatar

    posted Tuesday, March 12

    Titty56, I suppose the conundrum of self-reflection lies in whether or not the voice heard (upon reflecting) truly belongs to the individual or if it's public perception masquerading as our own. As a woman, a black woman, have I become that which I am perceived to be? Have I been some if not all of these at some point? And can I exist in such seemingly contradictory realms and be OK. The conundrum...confusing and difficult question that needs answering.

    --“The criticism that hurts the most is the one that echoes my own self-condemnation.” Hugh Prather

  5. marc4real avatar

    posted Monday, March 11

    The Black Woman Conundrum-remix
    Never have I met one so loving, so caring, so kind
    So passionate, so sexy, and oh so fine
    So determined, so willful, so strong
    So subjected to carry the burdens of the world alone
    So desired, so misunderstood, so true
    I'm so blessed because of Black women like you

  6. Titty56 avatar

    posted Monday, March 11

    A conundrum is a odd word for self reflection. Of course you know you self the best. Most of the time what we want from other they can't give to them self. You appear young yet you have attach so many label to your self. A lot of what you want from other has to vome from inside first ... know love is what does not what it says. Fine your purpose in life and began to live life to the fullest. I see you in. The future and it looks better.

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