An Ode

Posted December 23, 2012 By: me

I am excited about this community and look forward to watching it grow. I am taking the opportunity with this first blog, to share with others how my life has been inspired by the music and contributions of Common. He is just one of many bright lights that have touched my soul as I have become the person I am in this moment. I hope you enjoy this piece.

Ode to Rashid

he came through the nightmare shadows and the dust of dreams lost in centuries of sleep
he came through as quick speech, laden with purpose, dropping hard and then soft again,
at first urging me to get up and hustle and then slow down and live this universal life love
he asked me to wake, to rise up and meet my true self, in a series of curious coincidence and transcontinental soul communication
but I was still too lost in a wilderness of inauthentic unreal realities, so I turned away from the fire fearing the flame and my own shine

it wasn’t my time
it wasn’t our time

years passed and I became the quiet once more, not yet fully awake, I was moving in a state of half slumber. I couldn’t hear his song and lost the melody in the midst of what God needed to do in me. I couldn’t hear him over the raging and the weeping of the me that begged for actualization and the validation that the privilege of just being brings

the pain of purification was rugged and pristine only in its acuity. for years I couldn’t hear, but I could never forget the sparkle that came upon my soul, when I had once been lost in the flow of melodic light that broke like a gentle breeze on my empty shore
truth came like a balm to soothe all the aching and the raw in me

I would remember him
he would not forget me

I had to roam the long dark night without my heritage to rediscover it
I beheld his shade of blackness to own my own and see its beauty for brilliant
when I was dead to the ideology of a world that hurt me too much
he was there, knowing the consciousness was collective and that in time I would know as he knew all along

I woke up and found him poised six feet over me, full lips dripping with thick love
and this time he sang a celebration song, speaking of the beauty of blue skies and with gratitude offering thanks for my birth to this life
always knowing, he let his words and life be fuel to fan the the flames of soul desire
I hear you with my whole soul now, and in my waking life I am weaving dreams into realities, giving agape back to the life that gave it to me

my time is now
your time has been, and is, right now

and as we are held together, pressed against the bosom of life, there are few things that she would hold more dear than soul friends who sing the praises of one another. so I thank you dear soul, for going the way before me. I thank you dear soul for shining and daring me to be and set my love light free.

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