Memory training techniques are helpful when you're learning a foreign language.|

A highly effective memory technique that can help you when you're learning a different language is to associate foreign words to things that happen to be familiar to you. |

Part of the problem with remembering foreign language is that it is unfamiliar and makes no sense to anything in our lives.|

Let's try this memory technique with the Spanish word for hot: "caliente". The Spanish word isn't really even close to sounding or looking like the word "hot".|

However, please note that each person will have their own set of images that will work for them.|

It is very important to keep in mind that memory training such as this takes time. I happen to be studying Spanish for around a long time now. Spanih speaking countries are the best areas to see. I think it is a really passionate language and a really intamate way of life. When you meet individuals from a Spanish speaking country they are usually very nice. Spanish individuals usually very close to one another.
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