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A question I regularly am asked is there a difference between shellac nail kits and normal nail kits? Well, here is the answer!

Shellac is an acrylic gel nail polish, that is painted straight onto your nail. But when it dries it sets like a fake nail. Therefore it's similar to having a fake nail painted on, making it way stronger than regular nail polish.

First off, start with a regular manicure, trim cuticles, file nail, and buff nails etc. Then take the UV light (that you can purchase in the beginner kit) and place it on the table. Start with a base layer, then two color layers, and finally a top coat. Like you receive with a manicure. Following this you put them beneath the UV light for 3 minutes to allow to set.

The great thing about these is there is no setting time once the last layers are dry, they are rock hard! So you can go about your day instantly without needing to worry about smudging your nails!
My favourite feature about these nail kits are they DON'T chip! Seriously, you don't need to hold back with this polish, you'd struggle to chip these things even if you were trying to do it deliberately!

I get a lot of girls that are worried about damage to their nails, but fear not! If you remove them carefully and correctly then there is no damage to your nails at all. So don't worry about that! Your nails are also strengthened when using shellac, so there is less chance of your nail breaking, which is a nice thought!

Altogether I am a massive fan of Shellac. They are massively inexpensive for the amazing quality you receive, and they look far more impressive than normal polish. So get your shellac nail kit today!!

Something else I noticed while I was using shellac was the amount of compliments about my nails! I love getting compliments and being able to explain to people how I got them. They always try them out and say they will never go back! That's the reason I decided to write this!

I have put urls at the beginning to the most reliable places to get these so check them out if you want the cheapest prices! I trust this article helps you in your journey for the greatest nails!. Shellac nail kit

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