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gravity has given me a pass so I'm floatin' and trippin' off this earthly deployment..seeking to balance my ego...then vibrate to pure signal...all while playing Capoeira!...you can't stop My GO!

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  1. 5footfarrago avatar

    posted Thursday, March 28

    Hey Sis!!! You had me on the floor with the Amber Alert! I have been here, there, and everywhere but I am still going strong; I am proud of myself. I will be updating about my progress soon and my new juicer (yay)...I have to knock out some work first (ugh). Thanks for checking in on me; it is MUCH appreciated!

  2. 5footfarrago avatar

    posted Thursday, March 21

    Hey Sis, I was cracking up at the side eyes between you and LadyDi; I know they weren't intended for me, lol. Day 2 is going great; on the road and still going strong!

  3. LadyDi avatar

    posted Wednesday, March 20

    Another comment that went rogue. Me nah no wah yu chat bout but me a laff mi tail off. Baleeeve dat

  4. LadyDi avatar

    posted Tuesday, March 19

    I don't know where your comment went but all I can say is nope. Not ready. Time is not on my side, amongst other things. I am doing some "minuses" of the meats and additions of the raw fruits, nuts and veggies though. Loads added. Liquid fruits and juices too. Pray for her.

  5. 5footfarrago avatar

    posted Tuesday, March 19

    LOL at the side eyes in the building! Yay!!! Tomorrow's the BIG day. Fasting on the first day of spring just feels right!

  6. LadyDi avatar

    posted Monday, March 18

    See that's what ya get when ya side eye me. I ricochet that stuff another direction. POW WOOOW!!

  7. Speak_EZ avatar

    posted Monday, March 18

    ooops, a comment somehow got in between the side eye...the 3/15 side eye was for the 3/13 comment...LOL @ my sis!

  8. LadyDi avatar

    posted Friday, March 15

    *sides eyes the commentor below*

  9. Speak_EZ avatar

    posted Friday, March 15

    *side eyes the comment below*

  10. 5footfarrago avatar

    posted Thursday, March 14

    Hey Sis; I couldn't figure out the posts either, lol! But I think you have to wait a day or so for them to show up on the page after approval. I am headed over to Twitter now. I just stocked my fridge today; I am ready!!!