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Posted March 9, 2013 By: Speak_EZ

4 more days 'til day 40 of my juice fast....working to become a 100% raw food consumptionista ....thought this would be difficult; however the mental, physical and soul candidness is beyond measure. I'm also able to still play Capoeira at full capacity!

I'm leaning towards doing another 40days so 80 days straight...anyone else wanna join me? It's time to elevate, release that weight, meaning physical, mental, spiritual baggage and trash attachments that no longer suit this earth suit....join me in reinventing self.

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  1. Urbwoman avatar

    posted Wednesday, April 3

    Wow! Good for u! I was about 90-100% raw for 4 years. I would have baked or steamed veggies occasionally. I never had so much energy! It was amazing. I'm actually trying to get back to at least 75%. I personally find it difficult with work, kids, etc. but I am trying! I was actually Nomi Shannon (the raw gourmet's) assistant for about 10 years. Let me know if you have questions or need any more resources!

  2. Speak_EZ avatar

    posted Sunday, March 10

    OK, so I have one participant...anyone else??...come on, don't be afraid. :-) We are starting on Thursday, March 14th.

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