Posted December 29, 2012 By: Audris Rozelle

We have yet to say "Happy New Year!" and Valentine cards and paraphernalia are already stocked in the local pharmacies. What in the world? Maybe I am just an old sentiment at heart, but I feel that we have yet to really enjoy Christmas to be thinking about Valentine’s Day already. Does this mean that I have to hurry up and find a Valentine so he can hurry up to get a “good card” before the store runs out? Don’t get me wrong, I love cards. In fact, I rather have a card than a gift…especially if he took the time to read it and it is applicable to our relationship. I understand that the dollar has to just flow, but can we just slow down and breathe for a moment and not rush to find Mr. or Ms. Valentine?
Ah, it felt good, right? See there's no need to be in a rush to get to the next day. There is a profound appreciation that can happen when one just sits still, take slow deep breaths, and absorb the essence of time. With practice, time can seem more of a gift of love rather than a token to be tossed for the next moment. Even real love can have the opportunity to reach the deeper areas of the heart instead of just lying on its surface. There is beauty in being still. One of my favorite pastimes is taking a Sunday evening ride. It was on one of those rides that I fell in love for the first time. I fell in love with the moon and the stars. I was captivated by the brilliance and glimmer that radiated from their bodies. Though the car was moving, I was intrigued by their stillness. Nostalgic. Does anyone look at the moon and the stars anymore?
Maybe love will regain its intrinsic value when the ease of time takes presence. Instead of searching for a wedding dress on the second date, how about seeking to create a memory? How about a nice dinner by the waterfront, right before sunset? Prepare a nice meal for two and a bottle of wine. Grab a nice blanket and the iPod to listen to some Smokey Robinson:
"Turn the lights down low
Baby come close
Put your hand in mine
Oh, please be kind
Let me touch your heart
Let the fire start...
Let time stand still. So warm." (Baby Come Close)

Nice, slow, and easy...the way love should be and the way life should be lived. What reason does one have to be in a rush? Live in the moment and make a memory out of it. And as far as love…let it do what it does naturally: take root and blossom.

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  1. OMi avatar

    posted Wednesday, March 6

    This is beautiful. I love the "There is beauty in being still" line.

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