Lake Michigan Blues (For Jonylah)

Posted March 16, 2013 By: Audris Rozelle

Walking along Lake Shore Drive, I can't help but to gaze my eyes upon the teal waters that dance along the beach. These beautiful waters that once refreshed my mind have now become tampered as my tears, my tears, my tears just drip drop into the water because I have the Lake Michigan Blues.
I pierce my eyes into the sky filled with variant shades of grey, imploring for the sun to breakthrough and heal my blues but the clouds tightly cling to each other, not allowing the Light to come forth...

But there has to be a way for light to come in to this beautiful city! We can't stand to let another Jonylah fade from this earth. Why must her blood spill, my Lord? Why wasn't Yours enough? My tears cry to the river but my heart moans to Your heavens...

Jonylah, my Rose, like other flowers you have been plucked up way too soon. Through your pain, God heard you and suffered you no more. Hopefully, our people hear you too...

Little children, please listen and listen up closely: speak the words that she didn't, be the vision that was stolen, share the smiles that she could have, and be the life that didn't because Lord only knows, we don't need another mother with the Lake Michigan Blues...

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