The Summer

Posted May 15, 2013 By: I AM Dokk Savage Music

two seasons til the winter/and we enter a change of climates/from beats to writing/the warmth of the sun makes sad days be exciting/kids riding their bikes and playing ball in the street/tripping over shells that fell from the heat/of hustling thugs/hide out down south fighting off bugs/fam reunions bring tears and hugs/stories from the uncle with beer in his jug/chug a lug his last statement/ as if you caught in a laugh matrix/discussions amongst the elders with the babies in the basement /

in the basement playing tag around the dryer/outside swinging on tires/skate surf sideline pop with the nerf/moms on the porch making sure you dont get hurt/asking dad for a few bucks as we bob our head to the tune of the ice cream trucks/jing a ling/jing a ling- the bell rings/carrying books/walking slow with the fresh new look/out the window you stare /as the teacher give a lecture with the ill glare/you dont care/cause you daydream of that first kiss under the sun/having fun on 31 july

31 july with the after taste of sweet pie/ you wonder why/seasons change under the sky/cause its always blue with the clouds scattered in various patterns/with the sun barely blazing wishing the rays circulate like the rings of saturn/ its time to chill when the leaves fall walk around the mall/ complete with weekend ball/ reminiscing with your pics on the wall/ cold weather got you feeling under than your usual state/spring is cool but you just cant wait/ the summer

the summer where you might get the chance/to make advance/ on the girl you had a crush on/ but she got a new man to dance and brush on/ so you mush on/ to the next chic popping lips on sugar sticks /cute red bone who skin blends with the bricks/ pony tails with the drips/its hot so you lend her a sip/ of the soda pop/ in exchange of candy rocks you drool/ cause she said she attends the same school you play it cool/ she been checking you point guard # 2 from the stands with her crew/

with her crew she played it shy/ didnt want folks saying she be chasing the guys/good girl, straight A student/ not down for recruiting/ stay to herself keeps it moving/ read books for amusement/to keep her mind off the abusing/from her father to her mother/ she be the eldest looking after her brothers/ you let her know that her heart is covered/she loves the sun even at night cause at night she dreams of day light/and soon everything will be alright/together you walk to the beat of the drummer/ 4ever in the summer

This passage inspired by the Jay-Z instrumental "Dear Summer", wrote it to the beat..some may relate to this passage..peace! The Summer a page from "The Rhyme Book

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