The Verdict

Posted July 19, 2013 By: I AM Dokk Savage Music

I just heard the verdict/the law called but justice had no service/so now when I have the need for sweets and something to drink I'm supposed to be nervous/our rights have no purpose amongst a jury of our peers so we losing hope and feeling worthless/how will I raise my daughter in world where our babies are being slaughtered by troubled waters/we losing confidence cause there are no more Joe Clarks and Coach Carters/we tired of losing tears every weekend at the alter/raindrops transcend to blood showers with every store running out of flowers/losing power without a leg to stand on when the temperature drops/we lost 72 when the fireworks popped/this madness has to stop/and quit feeding information to Sly-FOX/Vick loses endorsements for dog scrapping writing letters from jail/but Zimmerman gets off easy for killing a young black male/leaving the world with a sad story to tell/it's hard to smile in this temporary hell.

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