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Producer from Ontario, Canada. First activity in music learning piano by the age of 3, then composing for classical piano at age 6. Trained by The Royal Conservatory of Canada, G-Qu plays 6 instruments- piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, and both alto and tenor saxophones. And now, the MPC200XL and Roland MC505. A first-class honour student of The Royal Conservatory, it was clear at an early age that Gerry had an aptitude for music. In high school, playing in both jazz and contemporary bands, he strutted his skill while at the same time being introduced to the world of hip-hop and R&B. Performing as a rapper, then King Slay, Gerry had the opportunity to be exposed to the Montreal music community and work with local school radio at Vanier College.

After moving to Ontario at 17, gears shifted and G-Qu experimented with blues music, folk rock and classic rock while learning guitar and bass, and began performing as a singer and keyboard player in a classic rock band. Learning from the same background as the iconic Beastie Boys, Gerry saw the relation between these genres, particularly with the origins of funk from Jimi Hendrix's Band of Gypsys, and later became familiar with The Watts Prophets and The Last Poets. And, after a brief period at a Baptist college as a student and bass player for the chapel, G-Qu put it all together with the spiritual glue that he found in his faith in Jesus Christ. Now, tying it all together with previous performance experience, you can hear how he blends them all together. Now is a time of celebration and exploration as his style comes to the forefront of the popular music industry.

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