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My name is Mark Francis and I am an artist. Artist is a word often used and ascribed with different definitions, but to me it means a creative being who uses his or her skills to inspire people and ultimately affect positive change in the world. As a father, I am constantly thinking about the world my son and other kids are growing up in and I believe in the power of art to be a source of discovery, healing, knowledge and transformation. My goal is to bring my own unique brand of artistry to the world to be and do just that.

Having been an artist and knowing what art has done for me since the age of twelve, and then knowing what my life became without it I understand its power. For 8 years I ran from my purpose because I let the ills and evils and negativity of this world we live in grab hold of me. I moved in circles that took and never gave back, and made decisions that dug me deeper. Now having traversed terrain that was soul dimming and discouraging, and having made it through stronger in love passion and determination, I am ready for my purpose. Beautiful work is nice, and it would be nice if you think my work is beautiful, but art has a transformational quality that is powerful and capable of changing the world. This, art, is my ministry and my mission, my activism and my PURPOSE!

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