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I would first like to say, Im thankful for the lord for giving my life and the eye 2 see the beautiful faces and love he has provided for me. I was born on Chicago's southside. I enjoy writing music and Ive been writing and acting for 9 years almost. I did a little modeling was chosen into John Robert Powers at 15 and is a college student. I know for a fact im the best Chicago's artist who has not been discovered even tho I have a record callled H.O.O.D Lecture ft GLC. My family and friends have faith in me and I really wish to meet Common its like my top thing in life I would love to do before him or I leave this earth because we are 2 positive artist who has memories on the corner with the 4's and the Mo's. Alot of youth look up to me I've got love from JimJones Lil B the basedgod and SouljaBoy shouted me out on his 21st bday for remixing his Zan with that lean which I had thousands of views on but im sure Common would show me a different type of love. Help me change the problems hat goes on not only in Chicago or a specific block but the entire world.

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  1. GoodVibzz avatar

    posted Tuesday, January 29

    Uplifting story

  2. PokeChoice avatar

    posted Tuesday, January 8

    thank you !!

  3. Francies Stephenson avatar

    posted Monday, January 7

    Nice post! I wish you all the best in your musical endeavors. I look forward to listening to your music. Thanks for sharing.

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