Love Is Everywhere...

Posted March 9, 2013 By: CupcakezNgi

Good morning, World!

I'm writing from my bed... Indian style, I sit with the sounds of the birds outside my window and my fan blowing... I hear the sound of the TV from another room... I'm just chillin... my room is kind of dark, but I see the light trying to make it's way in... and, I can see you all. Lol... well, not really but I feel the energy.

Woke up this am to thank God for every blessing and the blessings to come. Thankful for the love I have for myself... it is such an amazing feeling... a freedom that no one can take away once you find it.

I just wanted to stop through and say Hi. Hope you see the love everywhere... if you don't.... start looking inside.... then, you will begin to see it everywhere.

I gotta get ready for class... today is the last day for my Winter Term students and I am probably going to shed a tear or two.... I'm going to miss them. I always get attached to my students. They love me and think I'm this #ohsogreat Professor but they have been teaching me all along.... love it.

Have a great day!



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