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  1. Still can't believe what just happened to me, I just need to share this.. I live in Amsterdam and I need to take the subway to work in the morning. Over here it's freezing outside, when it's supposed to be spring already. Don't get me wrong, the sun does shine, but the temperature is below zero, especially when the wind blows. Anyway, I'm 6 months pregnant now, what sometimes makes me feel like...

  2. Like I want to be treated

    Posted March 25, 2013 0 Comments

    My mission of this week is similar to the last one. I still believe we need to be nice to unkind people, bring them some positivity by showing them a smile and/of paying them a compliment. I just have a different motive to keep me motivated from within: don't treat others the way they treat me, don't adjust or even lower my standards to meet them in their negativity. I will not let it drag me...

  3. Happiness = Kindness

    Posted March 20, 2013 2 Comments

    So my mission of this week is to be nice to unkind people, because I believe they need it the most. They're probably lacking some positive energy in their life, so I want to try to be that little bit of positivity by giving them a smile, a compliment or just small talk. Gotta say it is a bit harder than I could imagine it would be, because I know I have it in me,but just giving all day and...


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