Happiness = Kindness

Posted March 20, 2013 By: EnChanteey

So my mission of this week is to be nice to unkind people, because I believe they need it the most. They're probably lacking some positive energy in their life, so I want to try to be that little bit of positivity by giving them a smile, a compliment or just small talk. Gotta say it is a bit harder than I could imagine it would be, because I know I have it in me,but just giving all day and receive almost nothing in return or maybe even some negativity.. But luckely I'm surrounded with loving family and friends and in the meanwhile I can feel some movement inside of me that is my babyboy helping. Then I realize how blessed and lucky I am. And that I wish happiness to everyone!

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  1. EnChanteey avatar

    posted Monday, March 25

    Thnx for your reaction Da nielle, it gives me great pleasure!

  2. Da nielle avatar

    posted Sunday, March 24

    u did put a smile on my face

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