The Amsterdam Subway System

Posted March 26, 2013 By: EnChanteey

Still can't believe what just happened to me, I just need to share this.. I live in Amsterdam and I need to take the subway to work in the morning. Over here it's freezing outside, when it's supposed to be spring already. Don't get me wrong, the sun does shine, but the temperature is below zero, especially when the wind blows. Anyway, I'm 6 months pregnant now, what sometimes makes me feel like I could faint, because I experience some kind of dizzyness. In the subway it's even a bit worse, because the heating is on it's highest level possible, the temperature-switch confuses my body. Then there's the fact that this particular subway I take is always packed with students and working people, so I usually need to stand. Untill now nobody stood up for me to sit down and I guess I'm to shy and/or proud to ask if I may sit.. And then the moment I never expected would happen, happened. A woman stood up for me, saying: "I'm 8 months pregnant, but I feel fine and I can see you struggling, so I think you need this seat more than I do." I can blame it on the estrogen, but that really made me emotional for a moment there. She made my day and it only just started.

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    posted Thursday, March 28

    Thank you for your reactie ScriptTease! Good to know it's not just an arrogant Amsterdam kind of thing.. Must say it is in a neighbourhood where the people think much of themselves, those typical kind of business(wo)men. Stopped trying to understand those people also.. Today I just sat down on the ground when I was too dizzy to stand. Maybe I should give up a piece of my pride to just ask if I may sit, but it's hard for me to talk to people I don't understand in the first place..

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    posted Wednesday, March 27

    First of all... That damn groundhog. Second, I thought this was just an American thing. Normally it's females giving up their seat for the elderly, and or another distressed female. Back in the Day on the Marta (Atlanta, GA) subway... It was packed, I was pregnant, and an old man stepped on board with a cane. I looked around to see if someone was going to be noble. Not one of those strapping young men, or mothers with lap babies taking up space got up to offer this man a seat. I was shaking my head, and just as I was about to stand, a young female got up with much attitude, and gave up her seat to the little old man. I just don't understand people sometimes.

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